Macronite Nov 2011

Macronite Nov 2011

My name is John & The Person

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D.I.E. – Dubstep, Indie, Electronica


16 Bit Themed Visualisations

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SURGEON @ Macronite Limerick

Last week I was honoured  to VJ for one of the biggest acts to grace our fine city in recent months, Surgeon! The stage consisted of multiple projection screens nestled between an immense sound system and lighting rig. The visuals displayed were controlled by live audio input and generated unique patterns and movement based on the inputs.

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Macronite’s 4th Birthday Party


Using two projectors, visuals were rear-projected onto screens either side of the stage.

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Bump! Musik Festival. Pure Hertz U Stage



As so often circumstances change and plans go awry. Bump was no exception. The original plan was to hang five projection screens behind the stage. This had to drastically change once I arrived on site. With space constraints behind the stage and the obscene size of the Funktion One Soundsystem,  projection screens were now out of the question. But hey, the tent is white, so why not improvise..


Using the tent as the projection surface I created a new layout  for the visuals. This incorporated using the back-wall’s of the tent as a main screen and the roof area for secondary visuals.. The shape of the tent led to many problems with distortion, this was countered using homography and warping to align the images as seamlessly as possible. Using the lines of the tent as guides, the images were warped to follow the seams of the tent.


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BUMP! Visuals Preview – Cartoon Beatmatching

Preview of projection mapped visuals created for BUMP! Muzik Festival 2011..

Sorry really bad quality vid 😦

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Projection Mapped Visuals

Projection Mapped stage designed for MACONITE. The stage consists of three panels used as projection surfaces placed in front of the DJ booth. Audio reactive visuals are mapped to these surfaces. All graphics and mapping created using VVVV.

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